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Listen to some extracts from previous concerts:-

Yvonne Kenny - soprano, Nigel Foster - piano at the 2012 London Song Festival

Young Venevil (Bjørnson, English words by Peter Pears) by Delius

Young Venevil ran with her heart on fire to her lover so dear.
She sang till she made all the church-bells ring:
'Good day, good day!'
And all the little song-birds made answer to her song:
'Mid-summers day's for laughter and play.
Take care, little Venevil, your garland's going astray.'

She wove him a garland of flowers blue:
'As my eyes so blue, my love, for you.'
He took it, and tossed it o'er the hill:
'Farewell, my sweet, my sweet, farewell.'
he laughed and ran like lightning you hear his laughter still:
'Mid-summer day's for laughter and play,
Take care, little Venevil, your garland's gone astray.'

Roderick Williams - baritone, Nigel Foster - piano at the 2012 London Song Festival

The Vain Desire from The Land of Lost Content John Ireland (1879-1962) and A E Housman (1859-1936)

If truth in hearts that perish
Could move the powers on high,
I think the love I bear you
Should make you not to die.

Sure, sure, if steadfast meaning,
If single thought could save,
The world might end tomorrow,
You should not see the grave.

This long and sure-set liking,
This boundless will to please,
- Oh, you should live for ever
If there were help in these.

But now, since all is idle,
To this lost heart be kind,
Ere to a town you journey
Where friends are ill to find.


Madame Vasnier'Three Songs for Madame Vasnier' contains three hitherto unpublished songs by Debussy, Caprice, Rondel Chinois and La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin which were performed by Anna Devin, Gillian Keith and Nigel Foster at the London Song Festival in November 2012 as part of the complete Vasnier Songs. The publication contains translations, an introduction and notes on the songs.

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